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Introducing Crystal Healing Collars for Your Fur Babies!

Hey there pet parents! Are you looking for a natural way to support your furry friends' well-being? Look no further! Our Crystal Healing Collars are here to bring some zen into your pet's life.

Amethyst - This beautiful purple crystal is known for its calming energy, perfect for soothing anxious pets and promoting relaxation.

Citrine - Bring some sunshine into your pet's day with citrine! This crystal is believed to boost mood and energy, ideal for lifting spirits and combating lethargy.

Black Obsidian - For those tough days, black obsidian is here to provide protection and absorb negative energy, helping your pet feel safe and secure.

Rose Quartz - Show your pet some love with rose quartz! This gentle crystal is all about compassion and emotional healing, great for pets dealing with trauma or loss.

Clear Quartz - Amplify the good vibes with clear quartz! This versatile crystal can enhance the effects of other stones and promote overall balance and harmony.

Our collars are crafted from high-quality leather and come in three lengths: 30cm, 40cm, and 50cm, ensuring a comfortable fit for cats and dogs of all sizes. Plus, they're designed to help with a range of common pet issues, including anxiety, skin problems, joint issues, digestive discomfort, and separation anxiety.

Give your furry friend the gift of natural healing and let them strut their stuff in style with our Crystal Healing Collars. Order yours today and watch your pet shine from the inside out!

Each one comes with 7 Snap on Crystals

3 Clear Quartz

1 Rose Quartz

1 Citrine

1 Amethyst 

1 Black Obsidian

Crystal Healing Collar Pink 40cm

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